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E-knjigarna Ptica  (www.eknjigarnaptica.si) is owned and operated by DP d.o.o., Levceva ulica 13, 1234 Menges, Slovenia (here and after: »E-knjigarna Ptica«). Our e-mail address:

sales@eknjigarnaptica.si (use it for buying, payment sales, etc.)

info@eknjigarnaptica.si (use it if you have any general questions about our editions).

This Conditions of Use apply to all online sales generated from the E-knjigarna Ptica on website www.eknjigarnaptica.si. Please read  Conditions of Use and Privacy Notice before placing your order. Conditions of Use and Privacy Noticy form a significant part of your contract with us. We strongly recommend you to read it, save it and keep it with your purchase documentation.


The Contract

A contract will be formed once you make a payment for the supply of our editions and after we accept that payment by issuing you with an order confirmation. By purchasing from www.eknjigarnaptica.si, entitled I acknowledge that:

a. I have read the Conditions of Use, About eBooks & other items and Privacy Notice which I accepted;

b. I further acknowledge that these limitations override (to the extent permitted by law) any right that I might have to use the editions under the copyright legislation in the country of use.

The contract between you and E-knjigarna Ptica  will be governed by the laws of Slovenia, Europe and any dispute between us will be resolved exclusively under the jurisdiction of the Court in Ljubljana (Slovenia).


Our Prices

E-knjigarna Ptica agrees to sell you the downloadable editions for the prices stated on this website. The final price will be that stated in your order confirmation. All prices for editions on www.eknjigarnaptica.si include taxes (if any) and digital downloadable delivery. The editions are sold at the time we receive your payment. If we find a pricing error on our website we will inform you as soon as possible and give you the opportunity of reconfirming your payment at the correct price or cancelling it. There is no special charge for the delivery of our editions from this website. E-knjigarna Ptica will provide the facility for you to access your purchases and download them to a personal computer.E-knjigarna Ptica reserve the right to substitute a different form of electronic delivery from time to time for example email or other if needed. As a buyer you are liable for any custom duties or sales or other tax for editions downloaded or delivered electronically to personal computers and other appropriate divices outside of the European Union.



E-knjigarna Ptica will provide access to the services that you have ordered immediately after confirmation of payment and for up to 16 total downloads allowed. All services are subject to availability. In case we cannot supply them we will inform you and we will fully refund your payment. We may offer a substitute delivery. If you have any questions about buying, payment, sales, refund, ect or would like us to assist you, you can contact us at sales@eknjigarnaptica.si.


Accepted methods of payment

Payment may only be made by PayPal. In order to ensure that all data and payment process is safely transferred, we use the SSL protocol. E-knjigarna Ptica and our partners aim to keep details of your order and payment secure however except in the case of negligence we are not liable for any losses caused as a result of unauthorised access to information provided by you.


Your Rights to Cancel

You may cancel your order for our editions because of for both parties acceptable reasons under the Distance Selling Regulations (UK and EU residents only) within 6 days of making your payment as long as you have not accessed it or downloaded any purchases. In that case please contact sales@eknjigarnaptica.si.

Under the Distance Selling Regulations the provision of digital media downloads is classified as a service. When you access your order and successfully download editions, you have confirmation that you have asked us to commence the delivery of the service. At this point you will no longer have the right to cancel your order and to obtain a refund. Therefore to cancel your order you must do so prior to accessing your order. Please satisfy yourself that the services and editions that you have ordered meet your requirements by reviewing the content descriptions.

Please Note:

Once you have accessed your purchase we are unable to make any refunds. Submission of your order is conditional on your acceptance of our Conditions of use (Terms of Sale).


Customer license

E-knjigarna Ptica welcomes you as a valued customer. We may change the customer license from time to time. If we do, we will post the new version on our site. Although any change will take place immediately it is posted on our site, we welcome your comments on any such changes.