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J. Allan Dunn: Rimrock Trail (eBook)

Rimrock Trail (eBook)

Joseph Allan Elphinstone Dunn (1872-1941) was a prolific British author and an explorer. He was born in London, England. In 1893 he travelled to America and settled down there. He wrote for many of the magazines of his day, including: Adventure, Top-Notch Magazine, The Saturday Evening Post, People's Magazine and Western Story Magazine. He also wrote under the pseudonyms Don Crosby and Joseph Montague/Montaigue. His works include: Care-Free San Francisco (1913), Rotorua Rex (1918), A Man to His Mate (1920), Dead Man's Gold (1920), Jim Morse, Gold Hunter (c1920), Turquoise Canon (1920), The Girl of Ghost Mountain (1921), The Man Trap (1921), Rimrock Trail (1922), The Water- Bearer (1924), Jim Morse, South Sea Trader (1924) and The Flower of Fate (1928).


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