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J. Allan Dunn: Dead Mans Gold (eBook)

Dead Mans Gold (eBook)

In this eBook the Author (J. Allan Dunn) told a story about chasing treasure in Mexico. The main characters have to overcome a lot of obsticles to find a Dead Man`s Gold, diamons and gemstones. This is more than a classic, it is a special Western Novel.


This eBook was originally published prior to 1923 and it is not a simple reproduction of an important work of the Author. The reproduction contains a lot of imperfections, you`ll have problems to find any in this eBook. We do not use only computer technology and just apply OCR, but human knowledge, eyes and work instead. See for yourself.


Look inside

(InstructionsClick on the right edge - next page, click on the left edge  - previous page, click on the title top left  - table of contents, click on the aA top right  - change text size, click on the title of the chapter down left - slider that moves you throught the titles of the chapters, make the browser window smaller - see the full Cover.)

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Adventure, Dead Mans Gold, J. Allan Dunn, Novels,


  • ISBN: 978-999-2727-06-19
  • E-knjiga: brez DRM zaščite
  • Prenosi: 4x ePUB & 4x AZW3 (Kindle) & 4x MOBI & 4x PDF

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